Azrael [Retired]

A 17yo Angel who looks 10. Sucks as a healer


She has Dark Brown hair (almost black), and hazle eyes. She has enough determination for ten people. She works as hard as she can all of the time. She is skinny but strong and will never give up, unless it’s healing the team. She tries to be nice to everyone since people where not nice to her in the past, but she protects her values and you don't want to be on the wrong side of her temper.


Azrael was born to a happy couple with one other child a boy, Lewis Osko. He picked on her all the time. He beat her and told her she was useless. She made no friends but trained her ass off. She always was on the top of her class and trained her pain away. No one cared about the bruises that were on her body and the blood that spilled from her body. When she was five her father and mother began to argue and they took all their pain and suffering out on her. Then finally her father couldn’t take it any longer and when she was seven he began to beat her and her mother. Then he left to the city of heros and never came back. The pain inside her grew and she could not take it any longer she ran off and hide in an abandon Shed. Then the Queen's carriage went by and she heard a small voice crying. She told her men to stop the carriage and got out she went into the shed and found Azrael sitting there crying. She asked what was wrong and Azrael curled up in a ball hiding her face from the Queen. The queen told Azrael her name and that she was the Queen of the Holy’s. Then Azrael lifted her head and told the queen about what had happened in the first seven years of her life. The Queen took Azrael in her arms and carried her to her carriage, planning to take her in as her own child. She said that she had one other daughter her name was Rina.

Azrael [Retired]

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