Dragon-Riding Knight


//Unsure of how to start this  cause he's just a humaaan so oops character profile sheet time

Age: 19

Birthday: October 2nd (Libra)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Fears: Zombies, Claustrophobia, Arachnophobia 

Combat Strengths: Brave, Quick-Thinking, DETERMINED, Can use his dragon's abilities and powers later on, Is able to talk to them and such, Fire Breathing.

Combat Weaknesses: Reckless at Times, Perfectionist, Anxious, Is a pretty normal/weak human up until learning to harness his dragon's abilities.

Weapon: A pretty average double-sided Kinight's sword, also carries a smaller hidden blade.

Attire: Silver armor that of which symbolizes a Knight's, marked with red accents the most noticable being the red "x" over his chest. When in uniform he also wears a studded collar (revealed why later on). When relaxing out of combat he usually adorns a red cotten tee and pants, as well as a necklace wih a ruby tear-shaped gem on the end.

Personality: Can be very hotheaded, more of a act now think later kind of guy. He's very caring and protective over his best friend, Rina, and his dragon, Error. The bond between his dragon and himself is one of a kind though. He's smart and outgoing, can talk his way out of many things due to his amazing charisma. When under extreme pressure he can become very anxious and nervous.






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