A Letter Arrives

Do we accept?

The party receives a letter from a man in need. The letter goes:

Gracious and brave heroes,

My Lord has allowed me to write this letter to you in order to request your aid with a serious trouble plaguing our poor town. Here’s all that has happened:

The plains just outside of Erindale were sweltering on that day in June. We had just begun our latest expedition to the ruins about a half hour north of the city. It wasn’t until Delrin had begun his second tale to entertain the party until I realized something very off. There were no animals to be heard of let alone an insect in the damned woods. It couldn’t have been Delrin even if he was loud for a Dwarf, something of great was watching us whether they be of greatness or darkness I cannot say. The rest of the way there was dreadful always watching our backs and no breaks for anything.

We needed any treasure from those ruins to pay the taxes for Erindale so we weren’t just going to back out. Roran picked his way inside and we split into two groups like usual. We soon realized that this place was anything but usual. Bodies hung from chains on walls, entrails placed in jars, and even animals severed and sewn back together in ways a normal human wouldn’t even think of. Of the faces I that were still together I noticed that many were of either my town or those of nearby settlements. This was the least of our troubles though. Soon we heard their cries. First Delrin then Yordrin and soon something that sounded as if birthed by the pits of Hell. I managed to run and escape but poor Roran lost the way.

I ask of you brave heroes to purify this crypt of darkness. I’m willing to pay and even lend a hand to fix this. No one around here is willing to help and I figured you would given your reputation.

Warren Darep


“If he pays for our services and maybe buys us a drink or two im in”

A Letter Arrives
Bran_Vestelle Bran_Vestelle

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